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The Nursing Mom’s No-Fuss Guide to Cooking for the Whole Family

You need to nurse your baby, find a food your toddler will eat, and feed dinner to the whole family. Your own stomach is growling, but is it okay for nursing moms to eat cabbage? What about sushi? How can you avoid making separate meals for everyone?
Join Marie and her guests, dietitian Dr. Allison Childress and Chef Aurora Satler, authors of The Ultimate New Mom’s Cookbook, A Complete Food and Nutrition Resource for Expectant Mothers, Babies, and Toddlers. Is it true your baby won’t eat vegetables if you offer fruits first? How many more times should you offer a food after your older baby has spit it out? Get the skinny on safely losing weight while nursing. Learn how to determine an appropriate portion for your toddler, most-often accepted weaning foods, and much more. Allison and Aurora are full of practical tips and tricks to save you prep time and still get a delicious, nutritious meal on the table in less than 30 minutes that works for the whole family.

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