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Your Quick Guide to Breastfeeding and Bariatric Surgery

Okay, so you know bariatric surgery is in your future—or maybe it’s already in your past. But you’re not entirely sure how or if your nutritional status pre- or post-surgery can affect your milk composition or volume. You know “breast is best” but maybe you’re worried that your milk won’t be good enough for your baby. No worries, help is here.

Join Marie and her guest, dietitian Allison Childress PhD, RDN, CSSD, LD, who has had extensive experience working with breastfeeding mothers after bariatric surgery. Get a list of questions to ask before and after your procedure, learn research-based answers about what does or doesn’t make a difference to your post-bariatric milk, what you can do to optimize your milk, as well as early warning signs if your milk is nutrient-deficient. Plus, get simple time-saving tips on how get those needed nutrient-dense calories. Take control of your situation to provide the best nutrition to your baby without compromising your own nutritional status.

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