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Your Breastfed Baby’s Microbiome: What It Is, Why it Matters

According to research, “[B]reastfed infants ingest up to 800,000 bacteria daily.” Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Unquestionably, there are differences in the composition of gut microbiota in breastfed and formula-fed infants. But several questions follow from that fact. When is the baby’s first exposure to the microbiome, and does it matter? How do the bacteria get into the mother’s milk? And, it’s not just about the biome; it’s about the virome. How are oligosaccharides central to the protection offered in the infant’s gut?

Join Marie and her special guest, Dr. Kirsty Le Doare, as they discuss the importance of human milk in passive immunity, and the impact of mothers’ choices and experiences. Most of us know that “breast is best” but Dr. Le Doare gives a compelling story for why immediate and extended breastfeeding is central to lifelong health.

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