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World Human Milk Donation Day: What Can We Learn?

Happy World Human Milk Donation Day! It’s time to celebrate the impressive history and bright future of donor human milk banks! Like blood banks, having human milk banks can facilitate a life-saving strategy for seriously compromised infants.

Join Marie and her guest, Gillian Weaver, BSc, RD. Ms. Weaver spent 26 years managing the longest-continually operating milk bank in the world. She has since founded, directed, or served as a consultant for milk banks on four different continents, and has an impressive understanding of milk banks on two other continents. Why is donor human milk banking so important? Who donates? How do models and safety procedures differ from country to country? What are myths about donor human milk banking? While the mission of all blood banks around the world is similar, they differ in many ways. Wherever we live, how can we learn from the models, practices, and outcomes of donor milk banks elsewhere? Come and learn, reflect, and celebrate!

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