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Giving Pumped Milk to Your Baby: What Does the Research Show?

Nowadays, many mothers pump and feed their milk to their full-term, healthy babies. Although the babies are capable of suckling at the breast, mothers name several reasons for doing pump-and-save or pump-and-feed, and those reasons change over time. Certainly, the benefits of the mother’s own milk outweigh the alternative: formula-feeding. But are there some consequences of feeding mother’s milk from the bottle?

Join Marie and her guest, Kathleen Rasmussen, ScD, RD, as they explore some previously-unanswered questions. What motivates breastfeeding mothers to use bottles? What methods are used for storing, transporting and preparing the milk—and are those methods optimal, or do they carry risk? Are some promised or presumed benefits lost through bottle-feeding, and if so, are the consequences identifiable, modifiable, or negligible? Whether you’re a breastfeeding mother or healthcare professional, you’ll want to hear all of the ups and downs of this increasingly-popular practice.

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