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Breastfeeding and Maternal Diabetes: What’s the Relationship?

By now you know some basic facts: Pregnancy results in more stress on the woman’s body, more storage of body fat and body nutrients, and many hormonal changes. But you might not know how lactation impacts these factors after the birth of the baby.
Join Marie and her guest, Erica Gunderson, PhD, MPH, RD, as they discuss the lasting effects of pregnancy and lactation on the development of obesity, metabolic risk factors, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, especially in women with a history of gestational diabetes. Does breastfeeding protect mothers from developing diabetes in later life? How does breastfeeding protect a woman’s heart? Does lactation result in greater or faster weight loss after giving birth? Is it true that women with gestational diabetes have a delay in having their milk “come in”? Learn all of this and much more in today’s very informative episode.

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