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Encore: The Breastfeeding Controversy, Why It Is and What To Do

It may seem surprising that breastfeeding is still a point of controversy. How can that be, when studies have shown over and over that human milk isn’t just a food but a substance optimized to meet the complex needs of the human child? Join Marie as she talks with special guest Jennifer Grayson, journalist and author of “UNLATCHED: The Evolution of Breastfeeding and the Making of a Controversy” -HarperCollins, 2016-, about the tension between “best is breast” messaging and lack of breastfeeding support. Learn about policies and practices that would make a big different, not just for breastfeeding dyads, but for overall public health. Find out what we can do to stem the controversy and find solutions that enable families to breastfeed. Comments? Questions? E-mail

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