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Chocolate Milk Mommies: Feeding the Baby, Nurturing the Community

The impact of breastfeeding on the baby’s health is indisputable. But can the act of breastfeeding generate new interest, support, and approval from family members, neighbors and, even strangers? Yes! Angel Warren started Chocolate Milk Mommies to portray a positive message about breastfeeding in public. Starting with a photo shoot, she and a few loyal supporters soon realized that the Chocolate Milk Mommies could offer so much more to black mothers.

Join Marie and her guests, Chocolate Milk Mommies Jennifer Miller and Tiffany Campbell. Hear what inspired them to breastfeed, despite having no breastfeeding role models within their own families. Pause and find out why they joined the group, and what keeps them driven to continue carrying out its mission. Gain some insights into why women often don’t initiate or continue breastfeeding. Learn how breastfeeding not only nurtured their babies, but also created a positive impact on their families and their communities.

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