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Encore: Sore nipples, creams, ointments: A Quick Guide for Nursing Moms

Are your nipples tender, painful, sore, cracked, bleeding, dry, or infected? Have your friends—or even health care professionals—urged you to put some cream, ointment, oil or other product on your nipples? Would it work if you did? Which is a magic bullet—if any? Do these products prevent, or cure—both, or neither? Have any been proven to be safe and effective? Does one work better than another? Are there any to avoid, or any that taste bad to the baby? How much do you apply, and must it be washed off before each feeding? And might putting some of you milk on your nipples work just as well, or perhaps better?

Join Marie and pharmacist Wendy Jones for a whirlwind tour of the 10 creams and ointments most often seen in clinical practice in the US and in the UK. Hear some verbatim quotes from the research, as well as Marie’s and Wendy’s expert opinions. Find out when and if these are best for your problem—or if you need a different kind of help.

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