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Grandparenting of a Breastfed Baby

So your grandchild is being breastfed and you are not sure where your support needs to start or where your advice needs to end. Breastfeeding is a personal thing, shared by the mother and the baby. Yet, as the grandmother, sometimes you do know what is best—but should you say? You want to be helpful, but not too helpful.

Listen as Jeanne Friebe, RN, BSN, IBCLC, RNC-LRN (a.k.a. Granny-Nanny) talks about her journey moving from her role as a registered nurse with 35 years of experience to becoming a first-time grandmother—that is, having no experience—in this very different role. Jeanne describes her ongoing learning of how to be helpful yet allowing her daughter to find her own way, identifying resources she and her daughter have found together, the importance of family support, and how to know when to seek non-family support.

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