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How Can Preterm Infant Massage Benefit You and Your Baby?

If you’re the parent of a preterm infant, you probably feel stressed and worried about your baby. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could use a simple, free, noninvasive technique to help your baby—and help yourself at the same time? And wouldn’t you love to confidently touch your baby, even as he is tethered to so many tubes, leads, and lines?
Join Marie and her guest, psychologist, researcher and author, Tiffany Field, PhD. Dr. Field has authored over 400 journal articles and 38 books about the efficacy of infant massage for premature infants. In this fascinating episode, you’ll discover multiple short-term and long-term benefits for preterm infants who have been massaged, the type of touch to use, the relationship between breastfeeding and massage, and how to get started doing infant massage on your baby, even if he was born many weeks before term. You’ll also begin to understand how massaging your preterm infant can actually help you to relax and avoid postpartum depression.

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