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Sure-Fire Guide For Military Doulas: How To Find One Or Be One

You may have already figured out that having a new baby during military service brings up some issues you would not have encountered in civilian life. You might need to deal with giving birth while your spouse is deployed half-way around the world. Or, you might find yourself giving birth in a hospital where staff speak a language or have birth practices different from your own. How can you get help?

Join Marie and her special guests, DONA-certified birth doula Amanda Dodson and postpartum doula Kari Haravitch, both having served in the military. Kari explains how families value her ability to help them make the transition to parenthood, while Amanda gives a behind-the-scenes description of starting a business and an educational facility in Okinawa. Whether you’re a parent or a doula, whether you’re military or civilian, you’ll want to hear how the role and creativity of the doula can be a game-changer for you and your family.

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