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Air Travel for Breastfeeding Moms? What You Need to Know Now

So, you’re a nursing mother and you need to travel by plane—with or without your baby. You need to generate some obvious and some not-so-obvious questions before you take off and get the right answers! The first hurdle is having paperwork in order and items to pack for yourself or your child—including critical parts, and their replacements. Are you better off pumping or nursing in the airport? What does it mean if the airport says they have a lactation room? What about pumping on the plane? How many actions can you take to have an almost hands-free experience? And, what about all of those TSA rules? Is it really true that you need to dump your milk before going through security? Does the fate of the milk depend on whether or not the baby is with you? How much milk can you take, and can you carry an ice pack? Whether you’ve flown many times or never before, you’ll want to hear this episode where Marie gives dozens of tips to make it a less stressful experience.

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