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Proven Benefits of Early Expression or Hands-On Pumping

Maybe you’ve heard this discussion about breastfeeding: Is it hands on, or hands off? And whose hands are we talking about? Hers, his, theirs, yours, or ours? You know that breastfeeding in the first hour of life is a proven strategy for helping milk to come in sooner, but what do you do if your preterm baby is whisked off to the NICU in the first few minutes?
Join Marie and pediatrician, adjunct professor, video producer and author, Jane Morton, MD, as they discuss how the natural act of breastfeeding can be hindered by the unnatural events that may unfold, and the special situation of the preterm infant and his mother. Listen to her describe how her patients were able to increase their milk supply by 48%, even though their babies were too premature to suckle! Dr. Morton offers some interesting perspectives that might run counter to what you’ve heard or read…and yet, she makes valid, scientifically proven points that are clinically relevant and fairly simple to implement.


  1. Carol Arcuri

    Every mother to be of or less than 36 weeks gestation should listen to this informative podcast. Marie and Dr. Morton share how to prepare for a full milk supply naturally. Very insightful. – Carol Arcuri, IBCLC, Tampa, Florida.

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      Carol, I know you’ve been following me around for years, maybe decades. I’m honored that you still remember me. I think of you every time I use the pen you sent to me years ago.

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