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Finding the Courage to Breastfeed After Breast Cancer

Try to imagine being a nursing mother who discovers a lump in your breast. For a few days, you assume it’s just a plugged duct, and don’t give it much more thought. But it persists, and your doctor says it’s a cancerous lump. How will this affect your milk, or even the functional ability of your breast to produce milk now and in the future? Why is your doctor insisting on an abrupt weaning? What about the surgery, the medications, and the radiation treatments that loom large in your future? And, maybe…the question of your very survival.Join Marie and her guest, Ciara Devine as they discuss her frightening journey. You’ll learn how Ciara’s healthcare team reacted, how she handled weaning her child, how she struggled with the decision to get pregnant during a planned interruption of her anti-cancer drug, and how she found the courage to nurse her second child. Finally, hear Ciara’s recommendation for practical ideas on how to help other women who may find themselves in this situation.

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