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The Truth About Pregnancy and Breastfeeding After Breast Cancer

Approximately 7% of breast cancer patients are diagnosed before they reach age 40, and about 3% are diagnosed before age 35. A few are diagnosed before age 30. Since all of the women in these groups are of childbearing age, the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer affects their plans for pregnancy and breastfeeding. This creates many questions for the affected women, as well as maternal-child specialists who interact with them later.

Join Marie and her guest, researcher and clinical physician, Olivia Pagani, MD, to hear the scientifically-proven answers to so many questions: What do young women with breast cancer think and fear about subsequent pregnancy? Do healthcare professionals address fertility issues with women who are (or were) being treated for cancer? Is pregnancy after breast cancer safe for the mother—or the baby? Is breastfeeding after breast cancer feasible, and safe? Dr. Pagani will address all of these and more questions on today’s episode.

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