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Facts About Mothers’ Feelings: What Research Actually Says

By now, nearly all parents and professionals understand: Breast is best! And, breastfeeding is natural! Unquestionably, these statements are true. But those lines of logic and encouragement are aimed more toward milk and babies. What do mothers think? What do mothers feel? How might those feelings continue into those first few weeks after going home from the hospital?

Join Marie and her guest, Dr. Marie Dietrich Leurer, as they discuss what Dr. Dietrich Leurer learned in her research study. How do mothers react to their breastfeeding experience? Is breastfeeding easy or difficult? Is breastfeeding instinctive, or learned? What about confidence? Do women describe breastfeeding experience as positive or negative…or both? And, do some mothers simply dislike breastfeeding? Come along as we talk about the facts that describe feelings!

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