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What You Need To Know About Exercise In Pregnancy

Everyone agrees that exercise is good. But if you’re an expectant or breastfeeding mother who has never exercised, should you start now? Are the guidelines the same for a nonpregnant woman as for a pregnant woman? And does “exercise” mean taking a walk around the block, or competing in a triathlon? Are there any studies to substantiate recommendations about amount and type of exercise for pregnant women? How does prenatal exercise affect the onset and length of labor—if at all?

Join Marie and her guest, author Linda May, PhD, as they discuss the results of over 700 studies that address exercise during pregnancy. Be prepared for several surprises! You’ll learn about how exercise does and doesn’t affect the pregnant mother, her baby while in utero, and the long-lasting effects it can have on the infant or child. And, if you’ve encountered some barriers to getting enough exercise, get some simple tips to get moving and stay moving during pregnancy.


    • Marie

      Yes, I agree! Admittedly, it wasn’t as focused on breastfeeding as the podcast usually is, but I felt there was a lot to learn. Thank you for your affirmation.

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