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Celebrating IBCLC Day: Three Personal Journeys To Certification

Have you thought of becoming an IBCLC? Have you wondered what that journey might be like? What if you’re already a nurse? What if you’re a licensed professional, but not a nurse? What if you have no healthcare background whatsoever?
Join Marie and her guests as they talk about their journey to becoming an IBCLC. Heather Yocom, RN MBA IBCLC, qualified for the IBLCE Exam after getting a scholarship to attend Marie’s live course in San Diego. Deborah Betts, SLP IBCLC, qualified after taking Marie’s live course in Baltimore. Sarah Ortega, CLE CLC IBCLC, who had no background in healthcare, qualified through Marie’s all-online course. How were their journeys similar—or different? What were the toughest parts of the journey? Why did they choose the preparation they chose? If they had it to do over again, what would they do differently? If you’ve ever wondered how your journey might be, get some real-life insight from three who took the journey and passed the IBLCE Exam on the first try!


  1. Grace Hatfield

    I have been an RN, BSN since 2002. I have a passion for OB/Pediatrics & have wanted to achieve my IBCLC for over a decade. I’m ready to finally sign up for classes & am eager to hear about your course. Thank you!

    • Marie

      Grace, I’m so glad to hear that. I, too, waited around before I pursued it but later wondered, why didn’t I just bite the bullet and do it? I’ve just finished updating it about 3 months ago. I do warn, it’s not for wimps! It’s a tough course, but if you truly want a firm foundation to give high-quality care, register today!

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