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Traumatic Birth Experience: The Impact and Healing

Can someone have a scary birth experience? Oh yes. And can that scary birth experience lead to post traumatic stress disorder? That’s a distinct possibility. And if post traumatic stress disorder occurs, how does it intrude on your experience in this pregnancy, or your hopes and dreams for the future of your family? Or maybe how it will change the way you think or your own sense of self-identity.
Join Marie and Colby Cohen-Archer, MS, PhD, as they discuss the impact of birth trauma on mothers, breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, and more. And they’ll talk about how to heal from birth trauma, as well as how to use some coping tips. And, if you or someone you know has had this experience, listen as Dr. Cohen-Archer lists several different ways to get help—including some you’ve ever heard of—and how you can find the help you need to feel better.

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