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The Prolactin Response: What Do the Researchers Tell Us?

We all know that prolactin is the milk-making hormone. But do all human bodies respond to it in the same way? And if not, which groups of people are likely to have a greater, or a lesser response? And, is there anything we can do to enhance the response?

Join Marie and her guest, Kathleen M. Rasmussen, ScD, RD, the Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal & Child Nutrition and International Professor of Nutritional Science at Cornell University. Dr. Rasmussen enlightens us about what her research says, and what it doesn’t say, about the prolactin response. And, she helps us to understand her work in the context of research related to milk production conducted by other prominent researchers. Further, she helps us to understand why federal funding for studies on this and similar topics is so limited.

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