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Unofficial Guide to IBLCE’s 2021 Eligibility & Recertification

This was a crazy year. Events and activities that we had planned either didn’t happen or they were rearranged, postponed or cancelled. Of course, those unplanned glitches happened with the IBLCE exam, too. Now, there are some planned changes that new candidates and re-certifying IBCLCs will be facing for 2021. If you took the exam in the fall of 2020, what can you do while you’re waiting for your test results? If you get your results and you fail, what can you do to pass the next time? If you’re a newbie who has never taken the exam before, what are the new eligibility requirements and deadlines?
If you’re totally confused about the eligibility requirements, how can you get help—for free! Or, if you’re already an IBCLC, what are the new requirements for renewing?
Join Marie as she gives you the answers to help you plan for your 2021 success!

Note: The IBLCE has updated the 2021 spring examination date and deadline window. Please see the IBLCE website for the most up-to-date deadlines.

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