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Encore Quick Guide to Breastfeeding and Body Mods: Tattoos and Piercings

Body modifications—piercings, tattoos, and laser removal of tattoos—are increasingly popular among women of childbearing age. Millions of women in the U.S. have them, and these days, many artists may refuse to offer body mods to pregnant or breastfeeding women. Does that mean they’re incompatible during the childbearing cycle? What’s the impact of body mods on breastfeeding? And, conversely, what is the impact of breastfeeding on body mods, if any?

Join Marie and her guest, Robyn Roche-Paull, RN BSN IBCLC, as they explain that it’s not just a matter of safety. What are the best practices, worst practices, or optional practices? Find out: What questions should you ask? What precautions should you take? When is the optimal time for getting your body mods in relation to pregnancy or breastfeeding? The extent of physical, practical and financial implications differ from one individual to another, but you need to know those implications, their effect on breastfeeding and beyond.

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