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Milk Banking: Update on Processes, Policies and what about COVID?

Just the minute you thought you knew something about human milk banking, you might find it’s time to step back and listen to Marie’s special guest, Kim Updegrove, CNM. Kim is the Director of the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin TX and the Chair of the Standards Committee for the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). How has the COVID crisis impacted donations, either from the perspective of the donor or the staff? And is the COVID-19 virus released into the milk, and if so, can it be destroyed through Holder pasteurization? Is donor milk a “breastmilk substitute”, or not? Has HIV ever been found in milk dispensed from a HMBANA-accredited milk bank? Is the fee covered by insurance? Is milk dispensed only for critically ill premature infants? Does donor milk protect against premature infants developing necrotizing enterocolitis, or must it be mother’s own milk in order to offer such protection. Find out the answers to these and other questions on this episode!

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