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Encore Birth Weight, Bilirubin and Blood Sugar: What Do The Numbers Mean For Newborn Care?

Whether you are a parent or a professional, you have already been frightened by some “scary” number associated with a newborns health. The baby has lost 10 percent of his weight. His glucose level is under 40. His bilirubin level is 18. Oh, these numbers are frightening, and the hospital insists on supplementing with artificial milk to make those numbers look better. But where is the context for these numbers? Where is the science? Are these numbers true indicators that some harm is about to happen?
Join Marie and her guest, pediatrician Jenny Thomas, MD IBCLC, FABM, as they discuss numbers related to newborn weight loss, glucose levels, and bilirubin levels. Learn how the traditionally “scary” numbers are not always an indicator of some imminent danger, and, consider the latest science that suggests that supposedly out-of-bounds numbers may be protective rather than harmful, or they may be simply inaccurate or misleading.

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