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Mama, Your Worth is NOT Measured in Ounces!

You’re looking at the amount of milk you’ve pumped. It should have been more. It could have been more. Probably every mom on the planet got more than that, but you’ve tried everything, and you just can’t get one more ounce. You want to give up because you know you just can’t pump even one minute or one drop more. You’ve tried oatmeal and fennel and fenugreek and everything that everyone has suggested and no, zip, zero, nada niente, it isn’t working so it’s obvious that you’re a failure at breastfeeding and a terrible mother. Right? Wrong. Very wrong. Listen to Marie’s interview with Sarah Farrell Johnson who claimed she just “couldn’t ducking pump anymore” but finally realized her self-worth is not measured in the number of ounces she pumps. Sarah shares her story about her first baby, and then her second baby. Then, she talks about the tools that helped her to have a better breastfeeding and better mothering experience and she explains why for why those tools can work for you, too.

Get Sarah’s book here.

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