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New Year, New You, New Baby. Need a Life Coach?

Maybe you had an exhilarating experience when birthing your baby and you feel like you can now take on the world. Or maybe having a baby made you feel like you’ll never get your life back now that you have that tiny baby who is 100% dependent on you. Sure, parenting is touted to be the biggest and most rewarding job you’ll ever have. But do you think you can do it and still design the life you want? Join Marie as she talks with Felicia Broccolo from The Life Coach School. How is a life coach different from a BFF, or a counselor, or a therapist? Why do women seek help from a life coach? What kinds of services can a life coach offer—and how do you find and use those services? What’s the relationship between a thought, an emotion, and a result? How can we gain more confidence in ourselves, or help others to develop more confidence? Be sure to join Marie and Felicia as they talk about how to truly achieve that new you.

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