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8 Great Reasons to Get, Renew and Use your IBCLC Certification

You name it, we’ve had it. The COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustices, a disputed election, schools moving to an online format, healthcare professionals losing their jobs, and more. Sometimes, it feels like we’re sinking into quicksand. Wow! Is now the time to earn a certification you’ve never had before? Or is it worth the bother to renew your current certification? Or can you use your certification in a new way? Maybe, more to the point, what happens if you don’t hold a certification, or if you have certification but you’re not using it to your own advantage during these uncertain times? Or, what about if you’ve already failed the IBLCE exam and you’re wondering if now is the time to re-test? Regardless of what license or other certification you might hold, here’s some practical advice on how having certification can help you. Get out of the quicksand and join Marie as she gives some rock-solid advice that will help you get, renew, or use your IBCLC certification to your advantage.

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