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Breastfeeding and WIC: The Myths and Facts

We all recognize that breastfeeding a baby doesn’t cost money. What we may be less aware of is that socioeconomically-deprived mothers are often likely to initiate breastfeeding and, if they do, they are less likely to continue. What is being done to help families in this situation? Join Marie and her guest, Tori Gwilliam, RD, as they bust the myths and clarify the facts related to the federally-funded, state-administered Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Who is eligible for WIC? Why might families who are eligible for WIC not participate in the WIC program? How are the food packages different for breastfeeding mothers versus non-breastfeeding women and children—and does that matter to the recipients? Which types of breast pumps does WIC offer? Has WIC had a positive impact on breastfeeding over the last few decades? Here’s your chance to get an inside look into these and other questions about the WIC program.


  1. ER

    WIC is a nice program, but when I got into it 11 years ago, nobody influenced me to breastfeed my baby, they just asked me which one should I do? I decided to breastfeed my baby because I am totally aware of the great benefits of doing it but I wish they encouraged more my option or support breastfeeding more than the formula as well since the beginning if there is not any other medical reason to provide formula.

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      I hear ya, I do. But remember that (a) that was 11 years ago, and I do think WIC has substantially picked up their game over the years, and (b) in my experience, what you might find at one WIC office isn’t necessarily the same as what you’d find at another WIC office, even in the same year (and even in the same city!) Like all the rest of us, the WIC system as well as the people within WIC need to be constantly aware of those teachable moments, and know that sometimes, just one person giving the breastfeeding message can make a lifetime of difference for one family.

  2. TR

    Hi there, I’m a graduate dietetics student and I’d love to know the name of the specific study that was mentioned in the podcast.

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