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Supporting Black Mothers in Their Breastfeeding Experience

Unquestionably, there are health disparities among Black families. And, breastfeeding, although a proven way to improve a baby’s short-term and long-term nutritional and immune health, has historically not been supported in Black communities. The question is, how can we help to reduce the barriers to breastfeeding and the health disparities among Black families? Join Marie and her guest, Jennifer Miller, co-founder of Chocolate Milk Mommies. Hear how some simple grass-roots strategies have been used in Alabama, a state that has had the lowest breastfeeding rates in the country for decades. Jennifer describes her struggles to initiate and continue breastfeeding without support, her passion to help other women, and how she and a very small band of like-minded mothers have used their skills, passion and ambition to reverse an inter-generational trend of formula-feeding among Black families. Learn how all of us can help in great or small ways.

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