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Your Quick Guide to Qualifying Through Pathway 2

So, you’ve been thinking about getting your IBCLC certification, and you’re completely confused about how or if you can qualify through Pathway 2. Wouldn’t it be great to just get past the mystique of what’s involved so that you can decide if you’d be better off if Pathway 2 is the right option for you? Listen to the voice of experience! Join Marie and her guest, Natisha Simms, IBCLC, as they discuss Natisha’s journey through the Pathway 2 program at Johnson C. Smith University, a historically Black university. You’ll get a glimpse of the learning experience when the student is not a healthcare professional. And you’ll hear Natisha share her motivation, her decision-making process, and a description of her journey through the groundbreaking program. She’ll also talk about her passion for and commitment to improving health disparities among Black populations by promoting, protecting, and supporting breastfeeding in her community.

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