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Encore Baby Head Shape: Easy Innovative, Options You Need to Know Now

Plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) affects as many as 47% of infants. If you’ve seen babies wearing helmets, you know how common this condition is. Maybe you’re wondering: My baby has an unusual head shape; does he need a helmet? Wait! Those helmets cost thousands of dollars and the cost is seldom, if ever, covered by insurance. Can you treat plagiocephaly without a helmet?
Join Marie and her guest, plagiocephaly expert Andrew Dorough, DC, as they help you to realize you’re the only one who can find the best solution if your baby has a flat or unusual head shape. Is plagiocephaly just cosmetic? Should you do nothing and believe he will outgrow it? Should you do something now or wait until later…or doesn’t it matter? Does his head shape have anything to do with his continued feeding difficulties? In this episode Marie and Dr. Dorough will help you to follow your gut, ask the right questions, consider all of the treatment options, and understand how chiropractic care can help.

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