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Premature Twins: Do Hospitals Support or Sabotage Breastfeeding?

Imagine having twins and wanting to breastfeed. Now, imagine having those twins born at 29 weeks gestation. You know your tiny, fragile little girls need you and your milk. Thankfully, you have an abundant supply of milk within two days. You’re thinking you’ve already cleared the big hurdle. But oh, there are other hurdles to jump, too. Well, yes, you can hold the babies skin-to-skin, but …Yes, you can do other things, but …Then, there are certain rules about what and when the babies will be “allowed” to go to breast. And just the minute you think the babies are meeting the criteria for those “rules,” well, no, um, maybe later. All of the questions about cow’s milk-based formula, bottles, frequency, how to hold them, and much more start surfacing. Join Marie and guest Brie Merhar as Brie tells her story and explains how she advocated for her now 3-month old babies so that they’ve yet to have a drop of formula since they were born.


    • Marie Biancuzzo

      Thank you for recognizing Brie for the great woman she is. I totally agree, and I enjoyed doing this podcast with her.

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