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Encore What You Never Knew About Vitamin D During Pregnancy

Okay, so it’s just a vitamin. And hey, we’re all in good health, so consuming a little more or a little less vitamin D in a day won’t make much difference to us or to our fetuses or infants, right? And if we’re a little short on Vitamin D, we can just get a little extra sunshine on our shoulders, right? Wrong.

Join Marie and her guest, Dr. Carol Wagner, as they discuss several well-researched but lesser-known facts about the critical role of Vitamin D during pregnancy and lactation—more than any other time in a woman’s life cycle. You’ll learn the astonishing findings from Dr. Wagner’s research, the dangers of getting too little or too much vitamin D, and factors that can impact vitamin D status. And, you’ll understand why some studies suggest that Vitamin D plays a minimal role in achieving optimal health while some studies say otherwise. You’ll also get some real-life advice on natural sources of vitamin D, and find out a relatively simple way to reveal your own vitamin D status.

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