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Encore: Is Sleeping With Your Baby Safe? The Little-Known Truth

Ever since 2005, when the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released their first statement on sleeping with your baby, we’ve all wondered: Is the AAP right? Do I risk having my baby die if I sleep with him? And some of us have asked the much more difficult question: Is there real data for this, and if there is, does it apply all babies, or is it okay for breastfeeding babies to sleep with their mother?

Join Marie and her guest, James McKenna PhD, internationally-recognized infant sleep expert and author of over 180 peer-reviewed articles and chapters on SIDS and related topics. Unquestionably, safe sleep practices are paramount. But “safe” does not necessarily mean putting the baby to sleep in a crib. Learn how Dr. McKenna’s research sheds a light on newborn/infant sleep in terms of what’s normal, what’s safe, and what parents really do. And, gain a perspective for how parents can be empowered to make their own decisions about where to sleep.

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