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Parents’ and Providers’ Guide to Telehealth and Breastfeeding

Use of telehealth services skyrocketed during the pandemic, but it won’t be decreasing any time soon. To the contrary, it’s likely that telehealth services will increase. We’ve seen that telehealth can be a more convenient alternative to on-site care. Yet, there are some special factors to be considered before offering or accepting telehealth. What about issues of privacy and security—and how can those be overcome? Can competent clinicians simply begin offering telehealth services, or do they require special training and if so—what would that be? How comfortable must each party be with this type of communication? Are there situations that still require an in-person on-site visit now that telehealth options are available? Join Marie and her guest, Melanie Silverman, RD IBCLC, owner and Chief Clinical Officer of Pacify, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the answers to these and other questions that arise as we forge new pathways to telehealth services for ourselves or our clients.

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