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Breastfeeding Support Before and After Birth

Prenatal care is often dominated by talk of how the baby’s doing and how to prepare for labor and delivery. Breasts and breastfeeding are seldom mentioned, and most conversation tends to be brief. The World Health Organization identifies several major breastfeeding topics for health care providers to discuss with pregnant women by 32 weeks gestation—but many don’t do this. This show will provide “need to know” info .You may already have heard good things about exclusive breastfeeding, skin-to-skin care, good positioning and attachment, and rooming-in but do you know how to be your own best advocate when those practices are not the norm where you deliver? Do you know what to ask if obstacles prevent you from doing what you know is best? Find out how to engage obstetrical providers and hospital staff in supporting pregnant women and new moms (you, or someone you care for) in these goals. Whether or not your delivery site is Baby-Friendly designated, the care can be family-friendly.

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