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Encore Eating Disorders and Breastfeeding 101

Maybe you thought you had completely recovered from your eating disorder, but now, you’ve had a baby…and you’re wondering if you need help. Or, you’ve never been formally diagnosed with an eating disorder, but since your baby has been born, you’ve had a very different relationship with food. Or maybe this is normal. You’re breastfeeding—maybe it’s just hunger or a craving. Or maybe you’re just too busy to eat. But maybe not.

Join Marie and her guest, Crystal Karges, RD, IBCLC, as they talk about conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, and other disorders that can occur any time—including while breastfeeding. If old food intake patterns are re-surfacing or new patterns are emerging, listen so you can take charge. Learn when to ignore food advice, how eating disorders can co-exist with other conditions (e.g. postpartum depression), how to find free resources, and how to be proactive in taking the first steps to getting professional during your breastfeeding journey.


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